Our management has put an emphasis on sustainability the past couple of years. We feel that if the products and services we provide do not hold up for the long haul, our company will not hold up either. We are looking to set the bar high in the Utah Green Industry and protect the environment. We continue to keep up to date on new and evolving technology and techniques to offer the best and most responsible choice of landscape services and products.

As we each work to be better representatives of the green industry and help land we live on, Loveland Landscape is committed to continue development to reduce and recycle, while still providing our high-caliber level of quality.

On-going Education
Our first step in becoming a more sustainable business has been our ongoing education. Continuing to cycle in the right employees with the drive to learn and get better has been a key component. The continued education has allowed our company to keep up with the new innovations that are becoming popular in different locations. We are now introducing these innovations to Utah to help our clients and help the environment.

Water Preservation
Working with some of the major manufacturers, we provide the latest in products and technologies that use water efficiently, including water saving nozzles and Smart Controller technology by Hydro Point. Our commitment extends to the education and training of our crews.

Energy Efficient Equipment
Tools and equipment that minimize our impact on the environment is extremely important to us and most of our clients. Our equipment is fuel-efficient, uses proven low-emission engines with greater fuel efficiency and run cleaner than EPA standards for exhaust emissions. Information on our new energy efficient equipment and crew is coming soon. Stay tuned!

We offer a four-step fertilizing program is used to keep your lawn looking its best throughout the season. We have used traditional herbicides and fertilizers but we also offer organic fertilizers or environmentally friendly sprays.

At most of the properties we manage, we try limit the use of chemicals. We like to hand weed and use mulching to reduce weeds. We use these techniques as part of our integrated pest management program to reduce the use of chemicals until absolutely necessary.

Recycling of Green Waste
We have been recycling all organic yard debris since we have been in business and are committed to continual improvements to reduce and recycle. You see some companies with 30 or so bags of grass or leaves towards the end of the day but we feel that is a waste of plastic and time. We do not use plastic bags at all and happily recycle your green waste for you. Grass cuttings can be mulched and put back on the turf to be used as organic fertilizer although most property managers elect traditional or organic fertilizers to keep the property looking clean.

At our yard and nursery, we recycle and re-use paper, plastic, metal, batteries, oil along with other recyclables. All of our potting containers are cleaned and reused each year until broken, reducing the need to purchase more and preventing them from being sent to the landfill. This year we are going to offer a 5% discount on your next purchase if you bring back potting containers that were previously purchased from Loveland Landscape. These containers have to be unbroken and in good conditions so we can reuse them in the future.

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