Landscape Design

With 40 years' experience, our Landscape Design and Construction expertise gives you the opportunity to create an outdoor space where it's possible to unwind or entertain.  Our landscape architect and designers will be with you through every phase of the process, from selecting material, construction, and the final walk through. Creativity and solutions are what we are known for, schedule a design consultation today so you can experience the Loveland difference. 

Our Design Process

Schedule a Design Consultation

One of our designers will meet with you at the project site to discuss your vision for the general layout, as well as the elements you desire to be incorporated into your design. Plant material, hardscape elements and the anticipated budget will also be discussed and documented. The designer will explain the design process in more detail, as well as the fees and payment policies. The typical residential design fee averages $2,500, however every property is unique, and fees are reflective of your property and estimated time to create the design. After you have made the decision to proceed, a contract and questionnaire will be emailed to you and the process begins.

Base Map and Site Analysis

After receiving the required deposit and signed design contract, the base map of the project area will be drawn via a digital copy of site plan or measurements taken from arial views. A separate visit by the designer will occur to confirm these measurements, the soil quality, sun exposure and screening requests. If available, a digital copy of the site plan should be received prior to this visit.

Conceptual Drawing

The concept drawing will illustrate the general landscape design along with additional ideas from the designer. You will see plant bed layouts, proposed pathways, and hardscapes. This is your opportunity to add, remove or change any portion of the drawing.

The Landscape Plan

The designer will incorporate any changes and requests that you made from the concept drawing to finalize your plan. Plant material will be added at this time as well as hardscape choices and mulch. Notations on this plan will include all the itemized material choices, irrigation requirements, and necessary soil amendments.

It's All Yours!

A digital and hard copy of your plan will be delivered after the contracted fees have been paid. In addition, we will provide an installation estimate and approximate timeline (we never know what the weather will bring).  You now own it, so the design is yours to assist you with additional estimates, or you can use it to follow along as Loveland Landscape installs the outdoor space you've always imagined.


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