Water Management has become popular in Utah recently. Utahn's are finally realizing how precious of a resource water is and how little we actually have to spare. We have taken the initiative to get a variety of certifications in irrigation and water management to help our customers save money and to help preserve water for the rest of the environment. Our water management team assesses your landscape and its water needs then creates a plan by selecting the correct plants, advanced watering techniques, and soil nutrition. This three step approach helps our customers save money on their water bill while saving hundreds of thousands of gallons from being used unnecessarily.


Loveland Water Management services include:

  • Water management experts design solutions to conserve water and create measurable savings for the customer after inspecting the property's current system and water usage
  • Installing the latest technology such as EPA Watersense approved smart controllers and flow control monitoring systems

Irrigation systems have come a long way since we first started installing and repairing them. No matter how old or new your irrigation system is, we have someone with experience to take care of your needs. We have certifications to design and installation of new irrigation systems, as well as redesign and repair of existing systems. If we are your chosen maintenance company, we monitoring visually and by checking the sprinkler clock. If we install a new system for you, we try to install the latest technology which monitors precipitation and temperature from a satellite as long as it fits in your budget.


Loveland Irrigation services include:

  • Certified specialist in all aspects of irrigation systems, auditing, design, installation, maintenance, and repairs​​
  • High-tech technology, including controllers connected to satellites that monitor rain, temperature, flow sensors, soil conditions, and plant needs for each zone.

If you are interested in learning more about our Water Management services or requesting a bid, please contact us today!

We provide Landscape Enhancement services to Commercial and Residential properties all across the state of Utah. We predominately serve Davis County, Salt Lake County, Weber County, Tooele County, Utah County, Cache County, and Summit County

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